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Making Golf Fun and Exciting

In the last ten years or so we have seen a decline in the popularity of golf and millions of golfers have been lost. We see this reflected the most in younger generations, specifically thirty five years and younger. It is the belief of experts that as the baby boomers get older golf is at risk of disappearing completely. This has brought many to become creative and offer other forms of playing the game of golf. From new equipment, rules and even innovative new golf courses or changes to old ones. These changes are being implemented to give the game of golf a new reputation, one that will be more appealing to younger players.

Golfing experts are trying to appeal to other audiences by demonstrating that the game of golf can be played in other less traditional forms than before. By providing golf players with new and other forms to play the golfing industry is hoping that more competitors and golf lovers will emerge.

A new form of golf that has recently been introduced implements the use of fifteen inch wide holes, this is around four times wider than the original course holes. This size is ideal for those beginning to golf, junior golfers as well as our senior citizens. This causes the game to go faster, they can score higher and have a lot more fun on the course.

There is another form of golf which has been becoming more popular and switches a golf ball for a soccer ball which is kicked from the tee into the hole which of course is much larger the usual. You can keep score by keeping track of the amount of kicks are made before the ball lands in the hole. There are other differences such as mulligans or one do over permitted per hole, rules which are more lax and the ball being permitted to be thrown from the sand bunker a couple of times each round.

Changing the golf course hours to better fit the schedules of parents and families is another strategy being implemented by the experts to attract more and new players to the game. They are even considering implementing a punch in and out system which will be charged by the time spent practicing or playing on the course.

Golf is still high on the top ten list of recreational sport activities in the U.S but it has lost popularity. New rules, equipment and techniques can be implemented to potentially attract more players and competitors. Many industry experts want this change to happen much faster than it is and believe that other golf forms must be created if golf is to be successful or even continue to exist.

While golf still ranks within the top ten recreational sports activities within the United States, it is still not at popular as it once was. New methods, rules, and equipment can help make the game more attractive to potential players. Some of those involved in the industry want to see an even faster pace of change. They believe it will be necessary to create different forms of golf to ensure its continued success and even its existence.

Preparing To Play Golf Well

A lot of people think that golf is not a sport that players have to be in great shape to participate. It is true that many players can participate in the sport without necessarily being in terrific physical condition, but it is also true that being in good health and fitness can make a golfer a better player. Golfers who want their physical health to be an advantage in the game need to adopt a total body approach. Physical strength is an attribute to work on, but bone strength also helps, and endurance is another attribute that matters a great deal. Too much muscle mass can actually prove a hindrance to a good golf swing, so working on overall strength plus physical endurance is a good way to play golf better.

Any golf player that wants to truly master the sport needs to go over both the strategies and the rules of the game as thoroughly as they can. Combining this with overall physical conditioning can make a very successful preparation tactic before getting on the links. Once a golfer is actively playing, then getting adequate rest is very important. Golfing seems so easy that many players perhaps play too often, but lots of walking and repetitive swings or hunching over putting can take a toll on a body that needs time to recover between rounds. This is when muscles actually build their new mass. A minimum of seven hours of sleep a night is a must, and nine is even better. Rest should also take place as rest days between exercise days, so that the whole body can recover from the strain of exercise.

Working out through weight lifting, strength training, or resistance training should focus on creating lean muscle mass across the whole body, not just the arms and shoulders. Powering good shots off the golf tee is not about how hard a player hits the ball, but how well, and this is a foot-to-head full-body effort. When working out with weights, lower reps with higher weights often yields the best results. Workouts like this build strong muscles and maximize bone density. Such workouts should take place at least three times a week, but never more than four so that rest days can take place often enough.

Boosting endurance is something of an open secret among successful golfers. Fatigue can drain performance levels over many holes of golf. Aerobic endurance lets a player keep up their productivity over a day of golf, as opponents possibly get worn down. The easiest way to build endurance is to simply go out and do any kind of aerobic exercise for sixty straight minutes across five days of any week. Running is an obvious choice, but walking also often works. Stair climbing and dancing also count.

When you focus your golf preparation efforts on proper rest, endurance, full-body strength, and knowing the rules and strategies of the game, you can maximize your performance on the course.

Gift Tips For Golf Lovers

Golfers are a very special kind of sportsmen. They really love their sport and spend many hours perfecting and practicing their technique. Many people who play golf love learning about all the most current equipment and strategies and love getting a nice golf gifts they really can use. There are numerous golf gifts that are available. Some of them are great but others are basically just gimmicks or hype. For the truly dedicated golfer on your list, the following are among the bet golf gifts:

Tin Cup Stencils

Here is a simple, yet personal gift. The tin cup is in the shape of a metal bowl or half-sphere. It comes with a stencil cutout, allowing golf balls to be personalized very easily. A Sharpie or other kind of permanent market is used by the golfer to do the personalization they desire.
Taylor Made Ghost Putters

This is an exception to the rule of never buying equipment for a golfer. Taylor’s Ghost Line is a putter worth risking this rule. This putter features all of the elements that a majority of golfers feel are essential for a quality putter to have: microgrooves which help get the golf ball to move aster, a white face which enable the golf to more easily see the loft, four-degree loft on putter face, and face insert.

Best Golf Travel Book

For those who golf while traveling, a must read is Top 1000 Golf Courses by Rolex World. The travel golf atlas focuses on the world’s best courses. In the book there are course ratings along with contact information on the world’s best 1,000 courses.

Great Golf Shoes

Golf shoes aren’t all created equal. Some new models are incredibly comfortable and can be worn straight out of the box to play golf all day long. The recent Adidas Adipure Motion Shoes are very comfortable in addition to looking great.

Comfort Is The Key

If you know a golfer who would like to play some of the world’s best course,s, they will need to travel to cooler climates. Cooler weather used to call for bundling and multiple layers. However, these days, a heated clothing can be worn by golfers. Electronically heated clothing is produced by Mobile Warming Gear. It is available in both women’s and men’s styles. The clothing has been designs for keeping your core warm and is easy to turn off and on.

Simple Tips That Can Help You Become A Better Golfer

Do you enjoy playing golf, but you want to become better at it? Golfers of all levels tend to look for ways to improve their golf game, but the truth is it takes time to become a better player, but if you are persistent and you implement a few techniques, then you will improve your game over time. With that said, below are a few tips you can keep in mind if you want to improve your golf game.

What you want to do lower your score, which you can do with a better short game. Many golfers find it easy to drive the ball, but putting it into the hole is the tricky part. You can make one adjustment to make this easier for you.

Believe it or not, but moving your head at the wrong time while you putt can hamper your accuracy. Keep your head as still as possible during your putt because you don’t want to turn your head too soon, as this can lead to your shoulders shifting during your swing. This can lead to an inaccurate putt, so keep your head still and your stance should be better, which means your accuracy may improve drastically, so make sure you give this technique a try.

One of the best ways to get better at golf is by watching other players golf, and you should pay attention to how they play. Sure, in the old days you had to hire a coach or watch videos that were expensive, but today you can go on sites such as YouTube to watch others play golf, and best of all there are thousands of videos you can watch. All you have to do is search for the area of golf you want to improve in and before you know it, you will be shown various video lessons relating to that area of golf.

Thanks to YouTube and video sharing sites, you have access to your own golfing coach, in a way. When you watch these videos, you will be able to find out what you can do to improve your game. If you pay attention to the videos and you implement what you learn, you will improve your game in no time.

As you can see, there are a few simple things you can do to help with your golf game. Give the above advice a try. Just remember, it will take a bit of time before you see results, but before you know it, you will have a better score and you will be better at golf.

Tips and Pointers on Golf Balls For Practice


It seems that many times golfers invest heavily on clothing, clubs and various accessories but forget the importance of properly investing into their golf balls. A specific type of ball or brand will not magically make you a golf pro, it can however improve certain shots you make on the course.

The ball you use should depend on your level of expertise as well as your game style. But how from hundreds of ball choices how do you pick the brand and type that are just right for you?

When visiting a Golf Pro Shop you will find that amount of balls to choose from is vast and can be quite confusing. Color really only helps you better see the ball especially if the ball gets shot out of sight. If you are playing in on a cloudy or misty day or maybe in the dark then the bright yellow balls are the best choice.

You can find balls made up of one, two and three pieces and all have unique advantages. If you play on a driving range then one piece balls are better, they last longer regardless of the extent of their use. One piece balls are inexpensive and many pro shops offer them by the bucket as practice balls.

If you are playing on the course then you should choose a two or three piece ball being as they fly straighter and much farther. They are a bit more pricey but they can make the difference between winning and losing the game.

Once you have the hang of the game of golf and are confident in your swing as well as being able to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go then begin using two piece balls. If you find that many of your balls end up in the rough, woods etc then stick to the one piece balls which will save you time and money. Semi pro players or those aspiring to are the ones who really benefit from using a three piece ball, if that is not the case for you then the two piece ball will work just fine.

Keep in mind that as we mentioned above you can purchase practice balls by the bucket so if that is what you are interested in doing you can pay you local pro shop, driving range or golf course a visit and many time they will sell you hundreds of balls varying in quality at a cheap price. Keep in mind that if you are new to the game of golf you want to hit as many balls possible in order to get better and this is a cheap way to get that practice in.

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