Golfers are a very special kind of sportsmen. They really love their sport and spend many hours perfecting and practicing their technique. Many people who play golf love learning about all the most current equipment and strategies and love getting a nice golf gifts they really can use. There are numerous golf gifts that are available. Some of them are great but others are basically just gimmicks or hype. For the truly dedicated golfer on your list, the following are among the bet golf gifts:

Tin Cup Stencils

Here is a simple, yet personal gift. The tin cup is in the shape of a metal bowl or half-sphere. It comes with a stencil cutout, allowing golf balls to be personalized very easily. A Sharpie or other kind of permanent market is used by the golfer to do the personalization they desire.
Taylor Made Ghost Putters

This is an exception to the rule of never buying equipment for a golfer. Taylor’s Ghost Line is a putter worth risking this rule. This putter features all of the elements that a majority of golfers feel are essential for a quality putter to have: microgrooves which help get the golf ball to move aster, a white face which enable the golf to more easily see the loft, four-degree loft on putter face, and face insert.

Best Golf Travel Book

For those who golf while traveling, a must read is Top 1000 Golf Courses by Rolex World. The travel golf atlas focuses on the world’s best courses. In the book there are course ratings along with contact information on the world’s best 1,000 courses.

Great Golf Shoes

Golf shoes aren’t all created equal. Some new models are incredibly comfortable and can be worn straight out of the box to play golf all day long. The recent Adidas Adipure Motion Shoes are very comfortable in addition to looking great.

Comfort Is The Key

If you know a golfer who would like to play some of the world’s best course,s, they will need to travel to cooler climates. Cooler weather used to call for bundling and multiple layers. However, these days, a heated clothing can be worn by golfers. Electronically heated clothing is produced by Mobile Warming Gear. It is available in both women’s and men’s styles. The clothing has been designs for keeping your core warm and is easy to turn off and on.