In the last ten years or so we have seen a decline in the popularity of golf and millions of golfers have been lost. We see this reflected the most in younger generations, specifically thirty five years and younger. It is the belief of experts that as the baby boomers get older golf is at risk of disappearing completely. This has brought many to become creative and offer other forms of playing the game of golf. From new equipment, rules and even innovative new golf courses or changes to old ones. These changes are being implemented to give the game of golf a new reputation, one that will be more appealing to younger players.

Golfing experts are trying to appeal to other audiences by demonstrating that the game of golf can be played in other less traditional forms than before. By providing golf players with new and other forms to play the golfing industry is hoping that more competitors and golf lovers will emerge.

A new form of golf that has recently been introduced implements the use of fifteen inch wide holes, this is around four times wider than the original course holes. This size is ideal for those beginning to golf, junior golfers as well as our senior citizens. This causes the game to go faster, they can score higher and have a lot more fun on the course.

There is another form of golf which has been becoming more popular and switches a golf ball for a soccer ball which is kicked from the tee into the hole which of course is much larger the usual. You can keep score by keeping track of the amount of kicks are made before the ball lands in the hole. There are other differences such as mulligans or one do over permitted per hole, rules which are more lax and the ball being permitted to be thrown from the sand bunker a couple of times each round.

Changing the golf course hours to better fit the schedules of parents and families is another strategy being implemented by the experts to attract more and new players to the game. They are even considering implementing a punch in and out system which will be charged by the time spent practicing or playing on the course.

Golf is still high on the top ten list of recreational sport activities in the U.S but it has lost popularity. New rules, equipment and techniques can be implemented to potentially attract more players and competitors. Many industry experts want this change to happen much faster than it is and believe that other golf forms must be created if golf is to be successful or even continue to exist.

While golf still ranks within the top ten recreational sports activities within the United States, it is still not at popular as it once was. New methods, rules, and equipment can help make the game more attractive to potential players. Some of those involved in the industry want to see an even faster pace of change. They believe it will be necessary to create different forms of golf to ensure its continued success and even its existence.