It seems that many times golfers invest heavily on clothing, clubs and various accessories but forget the importance of properly investing into their golf balls. A specific type of ball or brand will not magically make you a golf pro, it can however improve certain shots you make on the course.

The ball you use should depend on your level of expertise as well as your game style. But how from hundreds of ball choices how do you pick the brand and type that are just right for you?

When visiting a Golf Pro Shop you will find that amount of balls to choose from is vast and can be quite confusing. Color really only helps you better see the ball especially if the ball gets shot out of sight. If you are playing in on a cloudy or misty day or maybe in the dark then the bright yellow balls are the best choice.

You can find balls made up of one, two and three pieces and all have unique advantages. If you play on a driving range then one piece balls are better, they last longer regardless of the extent of their use. One piece balls are inexpensive and many pro shops offer them by the bucket as practice balls.

If you are playing on the course then you should choose a two or three piece ball being as they fly straighter and much farther. They are a bit more pricey but they can make the difference between winning and losing the game.

Once you have the hang of the game of golf and are confident in your swing as well as being able to hit the ball in the direction you want it to go then begin using two piece balls. If you find that many of your balls end up in the rough, woods etc then stick to the one piece balls which will save you time and money. Semi pro players or those aspiring to are the ones who really benefit from using a three piece ball, if that is not the case for you then the two piece ball will work just fine.

Keep in mind that as we mentioned above you can purchase practice balls by the bucket so if that is what you are interested in doing you can pay you local pro shop, driving range or golf course a visit and many time they will sell you hundreds of balls varying in quality at a cheap price. Keep in mind that if you are new to the game of golf you want to hit as many balls possible in order to get better and this is a cheap way to get that practice in.